Promoting Opportunities for Parents Program (POP2)

The purpose of this program is to assist parents in overcoming the barriers which interfere with fulfilling their obligations to their children. The Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU) established this program to partner with community providers that offer parenting or fatherhood classes and employment resources. CSRU is able to offer incentives for participation in approved community projects.

Community Project

  • CSRU will establish partnerships with community providers that submit project plans that have been approved by CSRU
  • Project plans must address policies and procedures for providing services and a parenting curriculum
  • The community provider must provide documentation for participants including: attendance, signed voluntary consent of participants seeking incentives, and certification of participants completing the curriculum Incentives
  • Child Support Enforcement Processes – CSRU can bypass select enforcement tools
    • CSRU will not do a levy to a participant’s bank account for up to one year after completion of the curriculum
    • CSRU will not do a license sanction as long as the participant is active in the program
    • CSRU will not proceed with a contempt action while the participant is active in the program (note: if a contempt action is in place it will remain in place)
  • Satisfactions – participants can have a part of the balance owed to the State of Iowa satisfied (forgiven) if they pay their periodic support payment consecutively for 6 and 12 months
    • Upon graduation, the following satisfactions can be earned:
    • Up to 50% after 6 consecutive months of payments (based on a sliding scale)
    • Up to 100% after 12 consecutive months of payments (based on a sliding scale)
  • Each satisfaction is available only once and payments have to be continuous
  • Reminders

  • Only money owed to the State of Iowa can be forgiven - any money due to the family remains an amount needing to be paid
  • When a participant has more than one case, all cases will be reviewed and full periodic support payments are expected on all cases
  • CSRU will track payments and file the satisfactions when they are earned

  • CSRU Contacts
    Harold Coleman: 515-242-5511
    Ruth Blanchard: 515-242-6045

    • Mail In
    • Hand Deliver
    • To register by mail or hand deliver:
    • Print and Fill out the POP2 Participant Agreement
    • Purchase a money order or Cashiers Check made payable to Right Turn Supervision Services LLC.
    • Mail or Deliver Personally to:
      Right Turn Supervision Services LLC
      728 1st Ave N. Ste. 1
      Fort Dodge, IA 50501

    • Cash or money order only. (includes book and certificate)
    • Come 15 minutes early to scheduled class.
    • Childcare will NOT be provided, so please do not bring minor children.
    *The registered participant will be responsible for providing the certificate of completion to the ordering court and or attorney.

    All sessions will begin on time. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Because Sessions begin on time, a credit will not be given for late arrivals.

    Schedule Changes
    *We reserve the right to make schedule Changes as needed. You will be contacted At the phone number you provided.