Who We Are

Right Turn Supervision Services LLC is a community based private agency providing court ordered supervision for adult offenders in Webster County. We specialize in supervision for entry level offenses and low risk clients. This targeted approach allows us to spend the time necessary to effect real lasting changes. This is a population that is not prioritized in traditional probation as the majority of resources are allocated to higher risk offenders.

Our clients are not making the headlines and our goal is to make sure they never do. Clients are assessed for the appropriate level of service based on risk and need. The person’s individual needs and goals are taken into account and clients collaborate with their probation supervisor to develop a personal case plan to meet their individual goals and to comply with the court ordered conditions specific to them.

At Right Turn Supervision Services LLC (RTSS) people are treated with dignity and respect. Our clients are given clear direction and expectations are transparent and consistent. Rules and responsibilities will be clearly explained and upheld.

Our clients are members of this community. They could be your neighbors and friends or even family members. Every person we work with will be treated in a manner we would want to be treated if we found ourselves in this situation. To error is human, to change is also human. We know that people make mistakes in life and when this happens we are here to help them get back on track. Crime is reduced when people are given the assistance they need to correct wrong thinking and make needed changes.

Accountability combined with compassion and respect result in safer communities, decreased victimization and a decreased burden on our law enforcement, jail and court systems. This results in financial savings to an already overburdened legal system.