Mission Statement

The guiding mission of Right Turn Supervision Services LLC is to support and develop positive changes in the individuals we are entrusted with. People are treated with dignity and respect and supported in the goal of becoming law abiding productive members of our community. This results in safer communities through crime reduction with fewer victims.

Guiding Principles
  • People are capable of positive change.
  • The role of probation is not to punish people but to support positive change and law abiding behavior through accountability, education and referral.
  • All clients will be treated with positive regard and respect throughout the probation process regardless of the outcome.
  • Clients must take personal responsibility for their choices and be held accountable for their actions.
  • Victims will be acknowledged and supported.
  • We will work with our community partners to provide quality support and the greatest opportunity for success.
Client Responsibilities

Probation is a second chance. To best benefit from this opportunity people need to follow the court ordered rules and conditions of their court order and probation agreement. Individual programming is determined through the collection of personal history and assessment of risk and needs. Clients may be referred to programming to address these identified need areas. RTSS does provide specific small group opportunities to address these needs. Clients may be referred to outside community resources will be expected to be completed and be financially responsible for all recommended programing.

Examples of possible referrals include:
  • Substance abuse evaluations and recommended treatment
  • Mental health services including evaluation, therapy and medication management if indicated.
  • Anger management class.
  • Life skills class
  • Court ordered batters classes
  • Restitution and personal budgeting assistance.
  • Community based support groups
  • Community service.