Children In Between Seminars

Helping children cope with Divorce and Seperation
Compliant with Iowa Code 598.15

Changes in family structure through dissolutions, custody modifications and or re marriage are difficult experiences for everyone involved. The children are often at the center of these changes and need attention and support. Children in Between® is based on research and experience. This information will help you support your children through these changes.

What this course is...
  • 4 hour (BASIC) course.
    (Can be expanded as needed for small family groups or individuals.)
  • Parenting skills for divorcing and or separating parents.
  • What children need
  • Healthy vs problematic reactions to expect.
  • Age specific information.
  • How to identify and respond to your children's feelings.
What this course is not...
  • Counseling to resolve relationship issues. If you are here, it is presumed the decision has been made to dissolve the union.
  • No legal advice will be given.
  • A place to argue. The focus will be on the children and what helps them through the changes.

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Children in Between ® Parents Version

Anger Management Classes for Substance abuse and mental health clients.

SAMSHA (substance abuse and mental health services administration).

This class is designed to be used by participants in an anger management group format. It provides individuals participating in the 12-week anger management group with a summary of core concepts, in class worksheets to complete and homework assignments. The concepts and skills presented in the anger management class are best learned by practice and review and by completing the companion worksheets provided. The goal of this class is to help participants develop skills that are necessary to successfully manage anger.

    Purpose of the group:
  1. Learn to manage anger effectively.
  2. Stop violence of the threat of violence.
  3. Develop self-control over thoughts and actions.
  4. Receive support from others.

Who can attend? Anyone 18 and over wishing to improve anger management skills.

Referral sources: Self-referral. Court ordered. Department of Human Services. Other community partners. Probation.

Length of the class?
2-hour sessions occurring one time per week for 12 consecutive weeks. This is an open group and members may join at any time in the course.


Private Classes for individuals and small family groups are available upon request for an additional fee.

High conflict/ DHS/ Family court Involved cases, can be accommodated.

*Fees for these special classes will be Determined case by case.

Call 515-302-8205 to arrange an Appointment to discuss special requests

All expanded sessions will meet the Minimal Iowa code 598.15 requirements